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Why compare breakdown insurance with us?

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Protection on the road

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Breakdown cover gives you roadside assistance if your vehicle breaks down, with a trained professional on-hand to fix your car and get you back on the road. Common reasons for breakdowns include flat batteries, damaged tyres and electrical problems. With all breakdown cover, you will get a specialist to come out to try to fix your vehicle for up to an hour. If your vehicle can't be fixed at the roadside, you'll usually be towed to a nearby garage.

Breakdown cover gives you piece of mind that you won't be stranded at the roadside if something happens. You can choose additional more comprehensive cover, which will allow you and your passengers to be recovered to your home or original destination, if your vehicle cannot be fixed the same day, plus cover if your vehicle won't start on your driveway. You can choose a breakdown policy for cars, vans or motorcycles.

What you need to get a quote


You can generally buy breakdown cover which covers a vehicle(s), no matter who is behind the wheel, or personal cover, which covers you as an individual in any vehicle.

However, it can also be offered by some providers as part of your motor insurance, or it can even come included with some bank accounts - you should check whether you're getting breakdown cover from any other sources before taking it out.

Why Protect Your Family?

The team behind Protect Your Family has drawn on decades of experience in the insurance industry to create a family-centric, multi- product insurance comparison service.

Our online comparison tools give you peace of mind that your insurance needs are taken care of, with a product and price that suits you and your family budget. As well as insurance, we also compare other products that protect you, including breakdown cover, mobile phones and broadband.

So, next time that insurance renewal email drops into your inbox or the letter lands on your doormat, don't ignore it – let us help Protect Your Family. Fill in our simple online quote form and compare products to suit your pocket and the people you love.

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