Compare Funeral Plans

We are a specialist website designed to compare funeral plans. We’ll help you compare and choose the right funeral plan to take the stress away from you and your loved ones.

Why Protect Your Family?

We have drawn on decades of experience in the insurance industry to create a family-centric service to compare multiple insurance products.

Our comparison tools give you peace of mind that your insurance needs are taken care of, with a product and price that suits you and your family budget. As well as insurance, we also compare other products that protect your loved ones, including breakdown cover and funeral plans.

We have partnered with independent financial rating company Defaqto, which provides star ratings on most of the policies we compare - allowing customers to easily decide which cover is best suited for them.

So, next time that insurance renewal email drops into your inbox or the letter lands on your doormat, don’t ignore it - let us help to Protect Your Family. Fill in our simple online questionnaire and compare products to suit your pocket and your people.

Knowledge base

There are a few things to think about before you go ahead and check out the funeral plans available. Here, Protect Your Family has provided you with some factors to consider before making your funeral plan choice.

Do you live far away from your family, and how far will the funeral directors travel for the ceremony? Do you want a minister or celebrant, and you might even need to consider whether you’ll want to be embalmed or not? It's difficult to think about, but these are all important decisions to make before choosing a plan.