European Breakdown Cover

These policies will cover you if you breakdown while you're driving abroad. It can cover cars, vans or bikes and you can buy a policy that covers you for a single trip or multiple trips. As with UK breakdown cover, these policies will vary in the cover that’s provided so it’s important to check your policy and ensure you have the right cover for your requirements.
Before you buy a policy, it's also worth checking your existing car insurance policy as some providers will automatically cover you for driving abroad for a certain number of days.
It’s also worth noting that a standard breakdown policy won't cover you for European travel – you can add it to an existing policy but it’s not a standard feature.
Why should you use Protect Your Family to compare breakdown cover?
  • We compare over 18 European breakdown policies.
  • We ask less than ten questions so the average time it takes to complete a quote is less than two minutes.
  • Once you have a quote, you can tweak your results by adding or removing cover options. This way, you can weigh up the price of a policy against the cover you may need.
  • We compare European car, van and bike breakdown cover.
Are there different types of cover?
  • Roadside assistance - this entitles you to cover at the roadside if your vehicle breaks down, as well as any repairs that may need to be made. You will need to check that this also covers you for garage repairs if it's not possible at the side of the road.
  • Onward travel - this will cover you if you need to get a hire car or use alternative transport if you need to continue your journey.
  • Bringing your vehicle back to the UK - in more serious scenarios where your car cannot be repaired abroad, some policies will cover the cost of bringing your car back to the UK.
What are the limitations?
As with all type of insurance, you should check the limitations within the cover. For example, some policies will limit the number of callouts you can make. At Protect Your Family, you can see the levels of cover provided clearly on the results page, but here are a few things to consider when reviewing a breakdown policy:
  • Number of callouts – often limited to six callouts but some policies will cover unlimited callouts.
  • Age, length and weight of vehicle – if you're taking a larger vehicle abroad, it's important to check the limitations for the length, width and weight on your policy.
  • Fuel cover - some policies will cover you if you run out of fuel and tow you to the nearest garage.
Is European breakdown cover worth it?
Driving abroad is an exciting way to travel but if it’s your first time driving in another country, there are lots of things to consider including language spoken, whether you’re driving on a different side of the road and any regulations that may be different to the UK.
Buying a European breakdown policy will provide peace of mind that if something should happen to your vehicle, then you are covered. And hopefully your trip is trouble-free but if something should happen and you are stranded in a new place with no cover, it could be a stressful experience for all involved.
The Brexit Factor
December 2018 update: If you're planning a 2019 driving holiday, it may be worth considering a post-Brexit world after March 29th. Of course we are all hoping for minimal disruption but there is a chance that there could be some disruption at the borders, fluctuations in currency and changes to regulation that may change some aspects of your cover.
Even if you have a policy in place, it's worth contacting your provider before your holiday to ensure that you are made aware of any changes.
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