Instant Breakdown Cover

Whether an existing policy has lapsed or you have yet to sort breakdown cover for a newly purchased vehicle, breaking down without cover in place is not uncommon.
Even the most well-intentioned of motorists can find themselves in hot water from time to time, which is why a select number of providers offer instant breakdown cover to support those without the necessary cover in place when they need it the most.
What happens if the garage you manage to find nearby doesn’t have a recovery truck to hand, or you find yourself stranded on a country road long after ordinary trading hours have passed? Policies from some providers are made available to buy online so that additional roadside assistance is dispatched immediately.
What are the benefits?
Quite simply, instant breakdown cover can mean the difference between spending the night in a freezing cold vehicle miles from anywhere and making it home again in time for tea.
In most cases, should a breakdown occur during office hours and in a relatively suburban area, help can often be found at a nearby garage. But if the surroundings are more rural, weather conditions aren’t too friendly or ultimately your overall safety could be at signficant risk, instant breakdown cover is available to help rescue you when you need it the most.
What happens then?
As soon as a policy is purchased someone will be dispatched to attend to you at the side of the road, often within the hour. This may be in exchange for a one-off call out fee which does not cover you for any future roadside recovery assistance, or on the basis that the policy covers you for the remainder of the year.
Some providers might ask you to sign up for a full annual policy as well as charge you an extra fee for the instant cover they are prepared to offer you there and then. Either way, you can expect the coverage provided for to vary between vehicle only and full person protection. Some policies will also be restricted to UK recovery only, while others may be Europe wide.
What else do I need to know?
You could well be charged a one-off fee of more than £100 if you choose to wait until you breakdown to buy a policy rather than taking one out in advance. In addition to this, the cover you subsequently receive might be more limited than you would ideally need.
Buying breakdown cover ahead of time gives you the chance to thoroughly review a policy’s terms and conditions, where buying instant breakdown cover in a pressured environment could well lead you to buy something you might otherwise have chosen differently.
In any event, the cheapest way to get back on the road is by purchasing breakdown cover in advance. Thankfully, in all other instances, Protect Your Family is available to view on all forms of mobile device to help you secure appropriate cover even when you’re on the go.
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