Motorcycle Breakdown Cover

Whether it's cross country cruising, city scooting or road rallying you’re into, any motorcyclist knows that losing power when you’re out on the open road just isn’t much fun at all.
A lack of shelter, minimal provisions and varying weather conditions can make the motorcyclist a sight more vulnerable than your average motorist in any breakdown situation.
As a lone (or at the very least dual) rider, staying calm and guiding yourself and your vehicle to safety as soon as possible is key to survival, should such circumstances arise.
From there, staying visible and getting back on the open road as soon as you can is by far the safest way to proceed. Depending on how you decide to ride, thankfully there are various levels of motorcycle breakdown cover available to get your daily commute, weekend wander or nationwide tour back on track at the earliest opportunity.
Unlike other kinds of breakdown insurance, covering your motorcycle in a breakdown situation not only protects your vehicle from stalling for longer than is necessary, but could also save you from the elements too.
Levels of cover
Whether you’re a weekly, weekend or ‘when the mood takes you’ kind of rider, cover to suit pretty much any kind of make, model and budget is available. Depending on how far you’re likely to travel, how much your vehicle is worth and where you’re looking to get to, there are various types of cover available to assist you according to your own individual situation.
Roadside assistance
As soon as the call is made, a recovery vehicle will be sent out to meet you and your pillion (if you have one) wherever you are at the time. From here, attempts to repair your motorcycle at the roadside will, hopefully, mean you get sent on your way shortly after. If a problem which can’t be fixed on the verge needs looking at in more depth, you’ll likely be towed to the nearest garage instead. Roadside assistance provides basic level cover to get you off the roadside and back to safety at the earliest opportunity.
Nationwide recovery
If you’re planning a road roaming national tour on your motorcycle, but only have a certain amount of time to do it in, then nationwide recovery could be for you. Motorcyclists covering a considerable amount of miles for work or for leisure can choose where their vehicle gets taken back to in the event their machine breaks down in the process. Similar to roadside assistance, it offers peace of mind if you or any of your passengers need to get home sooner rather than later.
Home start
Motorcyclists relying on their machine for their daily commute might consider a home start policy, which provides breakdown assistance in the event your motorbike fails while you are at home, or just a short distance away. How far a policy reaches depends on the provider you choose, which will in turn depend on how far you currently travel, or intend to travel, away from your main address on a regular basis. Unlike roadside and national cover, where a recovery vehicle is often only provided a set distance away from your home, home start covers you from the get go.
Onward journey
Onward journey cover supports you in getting from a to b, wherever you may be at the time. Designed to provide you with a means of transportation and/or accommodation as appropriate, it makes sure you get taken care of while your motorcycle gets repaired too. What kind of transportation is provided for, and where you end up staying, is likely to vary from provider to provider, so it’s always worth checking the small print before you purchase a policy. Other policies including national cover packages may also automatically provide onward journey elements of cover too, so it’s worth checking here too.
Why should I use Protect My Family to find motorcycle cover?
Checking the terms and conditions of a policy match your individual needs is essential for any motorist, but perhaps none more so than for a motorcyclist. With so many variants involved, comparing policies has never been more straightforward than it is with Protect Your Family - regardless of what power, value or usage category your motorcycle falls into.
Being a motorcyclist can sometimes make the road a lonely place, but putting the right kind of cover in place for you means breaking down doesn’t have to be a part of it.
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