Multi Car Breakdown Cover

Are you the type of person who hates having multiple policies for everyone in your household? Then multi car breakdown could be for you. Basically, it is a breakdown cover which lets you add two or more cars to a single policy and can often work out cheaper if you have a few cars registered to your household.
Multi car breakdown cover is like bulk buying breakdown policies – it covers several vehicles at a certain address, whereas there are other types of cover which cover multiple people at an address.
If you have a teenager in the house who is just starting to drive to and from college or work, then it might be worth checking out a multi car policy. It will give you the peace of mind that they have someone to call out if they do breakdown, and also that you won’t get that late night call to grab your toolbox.
Is it cheaper?
The cost of multi car breakdown cover depends on the number of cars you are including on the policy. It is important when comparing prices, to look at how much it would be to protect the cars separately and ensuring that you are buying like for like policies. It is likely that you will then see savings when buying multi car breakdown cover. The amount of savings depends on the type of cover you want, what you want covered, the number and age of the cars, and in some circumstances, people you are protecting.
What does multi car breakdown cover include?
There are many types of breakdown cover and multi car cover works in the same way. You can have roadside and local breakdown cover – if you breakdown, a mechanic will come to you and try and repair the fault and if they can’t do the repair, they will transport you to an approved garage (some have mileage limits for transportation to a garage). Some policies include vehicle recovery to a nominated garage or others will take your car home, again it depends on the terms of the policy you have taken out.
There is at home breakdown. This come in handy if your car breaks down on the drive or within a short distance from you house – you can all out a breakdown mechanic to try and fix the problem.
There are also policies which cover onwards travel. This means that your breakdown provider will offer alternative travel arrangements for you to get your final destinations. The extent of what this kind policy offers in terms of transportation or overnight stays depends on the level of cover you take out.
Protect Your Family found that in 2018, one in five breakdown policies sold included national cover.
As with any insurance policy, breakdown cover also allows you to protect other options, including key replacement, cover if you are planning or regularly drive in mainland Europe, additional protection for trailers, caravans or things you are towing, as well as an option to protect yourself if you use the wrong kind of fuel in your car.
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