How much does a funeral cost?

The cost of a funeral varies massively depending on what kind of funeral you want and where you live.
The average cost of a funeral in the UK is £3,784, while the average debt taken on by customers who struggled to pay for a funeral was £1,680.
The average cost of a burial in the UK is £4,257, which is more expensive than a cremation, which costs on average £3,311, due to the burial fees and other associated costs*.
The breakdown of the costs of a funeral again, depends on the kind of send off you want.
What does a funeral plan cover?
Funeral plans generally cover the costs of a funeral director, including -
  • Arranging the ceremony
  • Liaising with the clergy or officiant
  • Liaising with the hospital or doctor
  • Printing costs for the order of service
  • Caring for the deceased (whether a person is embalmed or not)
  • Coffin or casket
  • Transport costs of the hearse and possibly limousines
  • Floral costs can also be included in a funeral directors' costs
Additional costs that are usually on top of the funeral directors' fees -
  • Burial or cremation
  • Cost of burial plot
  • Cost of officiant or clergy to conduct the ceremony
  • Cremation documents
  • Flowers
  • Musician (if you have one to play at the funeral)
  • Additional transportation for family or if arranging a different form of transport to the funeral
These are just some examples of the types of costs you could pay for an average funeral, but there are many options available, which is why many funeral plan providers offer different levels of plans, from simple to platinum.
The funeral industry has also recently seen the introduction of a much simpler and cheaper funeral, called direct cremation – this is where the deceased is cremated and a ceremony takes place to dispose of the ashes. This reduces costs as there is no time spent at the crematorium and no need for additional costs from the funeral director. Direct cremation is proving increasingly popular in the UK and more funeral directors are offering simpler, less traditional funerals.
The type of send off you want is entirely up to you, which is no doubt why you are looking into funeral plans, but the costs of a funeral are significant, and it is estimated that there is around £160million of funeral poverty in the UK.
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