Getting help with funeral costs

Planning a funeral can be a deeply distressing experience, particularly if the cost of laying a loved one to rest is beyond your means. Some families simply don’t have access to the thousands of pounds the average burial or cremation now costs to arrange.
Financial support
In some cases, financial support may be available elsewhere. Support services in the charitable and public sector are available to help those without enough funds to give their nearest and dearest the send-off they deserve.
The Social Fund and Bereavement Benefit is a government scheme to help those receiving certain benefits cover the cost of a funeral they may be arranging through the provision of an additional Funeral Expenses Payment. This payment is then deducted from any estate which may subsequently be received from the deceased.
For those not eligible, various charities and social funds otherwise hold excess funds to help families of the deceased meet funeral costs too, depending on the nature of their passing or their personal background.
The British Gas Energy Trust, Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution and The Fisherman's Mission are just some of the organisations supporting individuals and their families from all walks of life, for example, including those overwhelmed by funeral fees.
Putting a pre-paid funeral plan in place can otherwise reduce the stress and heartache laying a loved one to rest involves, particularly for families who may be concerned about the level of financial input required.
Protect Your Family allows you to consider a wide range of plans, at a budget suited to your needs. We only compare funeral plan providers who are regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority, so you can rest assured that you are dealing with a trustworthy and legitimate provider.
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