Prepaid funeral plans

As the saying goes nothing in this world can be said to be certain, except death and taxes – and unfortunately neither comes cheap. That's why taking out a prepaid funeral plan will help cover the costs of a decent send off.
It is common to worry about how a funeral would be paid for should a loved one pass away, and understandably so. With the average burial running to thousands of pounds, more people are turning to prepaid funeral plans as an effective way to mitigate their concerns.
Funeral plans involve regular instalments or a lump sum being paid to a funeral provider, who then invests that money into a trust fund or insurance policy before making direct payments to a funeral director when the time comes – hence the name prepaid funerals.
One advantage of a prepaid funeral plan is that they are often arranged over a fixed term, should death occur or payments be cancelled before the agreed term ends, the money paid in is otherwise returned to the policy holder, minus an administration fee.
With varying levels of cover on offer, prepaid funeral plans offer peace of mind when it comes to covering funeral costs, regardless of where and how the individual concerned may wish to celebrate their life.
Burial plots
Some prepaid funeral plans cover burial plots and include cremation charges, others don't. Some have a limited figure they agree to pay out when the time comes, others are there to cover every eventuality, depending on the type of policy and what the policy holder has paid in previously.
Prices for burial plots, cremation and funeral ceremonies in general vary hugely depending on where you are in the UK, making prepaid funeral plans a sound choice when it comes to ensuring your final wishes are fulfilled regardless of where others making the arrangements are based.
The most important thing is to know exactly what you’re paying for before you commit to a plan, and to share the details with your loved ones so they know exactly what's covered when the times comes so your prepaid plan covers the costs incurred.
Protect Your Family allows you to consider a wide range of choices, from coffins to limousines and more, and the chance to compare prepaid funeral plans in depth to ensure that the one you end up with gives you the send-off you want.
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